Our story

Humble beginnings

The story of The Holy Donut is a heartwarming tale of determination, creativity, and the power of a dream. Leigh Kellis, a visionary single mother, turned her apartment kitchen into a donut laboratory armed with nothing but passion, love and a counter-top fryer. She was fueled by a desire to offer a healthier donut that she felt comfortable sharing with her daughter. Her goal was not just any donut, but a magical donut made with wholesome, trusted ingredients.

Locally loved

Leigh’s path wasn’t paved with sugar and ease. It demanded perseverance, countless trials, and a belief in her product’s uniqueness. Her breakthrough came when she stepped out of her kitchen’s comfort zone, introducing her donuts to local coffee shops. Leigh’s donuts were not just well received; they were a sensation! Securing her  first wholesale order of seven dozen donuts a week was a testament to her hard work and the undeniable appeal of her potato donuts.

A family affair

Behind her success was a family united by a common dream. Her father, Allan, offered unwavering support, from peeling potatoes to making deliveries asking for nothing in return. The opening of the  first Holy Donut in Portland in 2012 was a collective effort, with her mother, Cynthia, investing her savings, and her sister, Elizabeth, leaving her job to join the venture only working for tips in the early days. The business’s growth was further propelled by Jeff Buckwalter, Leigh’s brother-in-law, who introduced structure and vision for sustainable growth. The Holy Donut became a true family a air, involving even the youngest members: Avery, Riley, Kady and Griffin in its operation creating lifelong memories.

This story is more than just about donuts; it’s a testament to the power of a dream, a family’s love, and the community that embraced them.

The future is delicious

Fast forward to today, more than a decade (and a pandemic) later, The Holy Donut continues to grow and open new locations including a commissary facility and has more than 120 valued team members. The Holy Donut has plans to continue spreading positive vibes in Maine and beyond by making a one of a kind, delicious donut from scratch every day, with wholesome and local ingredients, the way donuts should be made.

Our locations

For the best selection, please arrive before noon. Each location closes upon selling out.

Gather ‘round The Holy Donut

The Holy Donut is a family-owned business and choice destination for gourmet donuts, coffee, employment, and positive vibes in each of our local markets.