The 21 Best Donut Shops in America

Ahhh, donuts. Before Wheaties and “doctors”, they truly were the breakfast of champions. And now, thanks to a resurgence of independent shops opening across the country, the fried yeasty sugar bomb is back en vogue. So, in order to celebrate the rise of said donut/your cholesterol, we scoured the country for the best shops, encompassing everything from old-school slingers in Hawaii that have been around since before your parents to artisanal culinary geniuses in South Carolina — and everything in between. We also took incredible photos, so you will inevitably try and eat your computer. Enjoy, and — as always — let us know what we missed in the comments:

Portland, ME


WHAT YOU’RE GETTING: Maple Glazed or Old Fashioned Plain
Sure, most donuts have flour, buttermilk, eggs, and sugar. But thanks to Leigh Kellis, Mainers get to enjoy donuts made using Maine potatoes, which she claims are a “totally magical ingredient”. And once you taste the flavors like their Maple Glazed, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, or even the Ginger Glazed Sweet Potato, you’ll have no choice but to agree. And stuff them into your potato-crumb-covered mouth.